Bahia Internacional had its germ in the production company Atlántico Producciones, linked to Antena 3 television network, whose main activity was the representation of artists linked to the channel. Indeed, outside of sport, Bahía also has managed other major events of the first rank, such as Enrique Iglesias first tour in Spain.


After the battle waged for the acquisition of football broadcasting rights in the television the company took a new turn. The negotiation of those rights favoured relations with the clubs, so it created a section within Atlantic Productions dedicated to football, but still under Grupo Zeta's umbrella.




Months later, the current shareholders bought Atlantic Productions to Grupo Zeta and founded Bahía International, a company devoted entirely to the sports sector. A leader was born.

Passion for Football

Historic Spanish first level clubs then placed their confidence in Bahia's project, and the experience of working with these clubs made easier the gradual arrival of players who trusted us to guide their professional future, resulting in more represented players and a larger influence arch.


Even so, its activity is not only limited to football players market, but other sectors were successfully tackled in football. The Clubs Management was one of the sections in which Bahía advanced ways of working that had no precedent in Spanish football. Never before had a company developed a sports project in conjunction with the technical secretaries of the clubs.


Transfers management also experienced a boom thanks to the recruitment of several talented foreign players, which generated large revenues to their clubs in successive transfers. The number of represented players was constantly increasing; to the point of converting Bahia in a reference agency of an activity that until that moment was reserved to a few individual agents.



Even so, Bahía wanted to continue growing and opening its horizons to other areas such as the organization of sports tournaments, charity matches, clubs preseason, high performance courses, while always keeping the world of representation and advisory as their principal activity.


Other sports like basketball and cycling, had their place in the business of the company too, and football part was not limited to players but also great coaches arrived in Spain from abroad thanks to Bahia. This was the case of Hector Cuper and Bernd Schuster.

Spain Leader Agency

The last major step towards the consolidation as representation agency consisted in an exciting challenge: a commitment to the grassroots and junior level players. This strong support for the Spanish youth football has resulted in a solid young player recruitment structure that has yielded great results.


Today some of those players are great football stars, and perhaps the most valuable mirror in which Bahia's represented players can reflect is Fernando Torres, fully advised by the company since he was fourteen.



Pedro Rodríguez, Nacho Monreal, Jesús Navas, Javi Martínez, Raúl García, Asier Illarramendi, Adrián San Miguel, Parejo, Michu... all of them are great footballers who grow up to top following the path drawn by Bahía, the same that other outstanding players as Kepa Arrizabalaga, Mikel Merino or Fernando Pachecho are running today. The treatment of the delicate space in which many starting careers move is a speciality of Bahia, further entrenched in recent years. Today new talents are coming as Dani Martín (Real Betis) or Chumi (FC Barcelona) taking their first steps following the same way other stars did before.


The personal and professional development of the player is the most important thing for us. In order to enrich the sporting life of their clients, the company opened its borders, if players come from other countries ... Why aren't Spanish players going abroad? Bahía answered that question with facts, and went on to star in a great adventure in Scottish football, which today enjoys a great reputation, pioneering the incorporation of Spanish players to teams in that country. More than 50 Spanish players have found an interesting career opportunity away from Spain through the efforts of Bahia.

An exciting future

All this is enough, perhaps. But ahead an exciting and promising future full of challenges is awaiting. Almost twenty years passed away and as Jorge Valdano said "the greatest success has been to maintain a corporate structure based on the player's attention, even in times of severe crisis as those suffered in recent years".